The Busy Person's Solution to Saving Electricity. Join us in the 15% challenge.

Think of the FitHome experience as a Home health Personal Trainer made of a smartphone app and energy monitor. During a one month training period, you will get personalized, simple guidance on the easiest way to lower your electricity use. You will receive immediate feedback on how well you are doing, including the amount of money you are saving and your impact on helping to minimize climate change. No need to plow through the random results of Google searches then sort out and try what seems to make sense. It’s amazing how much electricity we waste yet don’t have any idea how we can use less with no change to our lifestyle. Saving electricity means saving money and making a positive impact on climate change. The FitHome Experience gets us mindful and connected to a future that is reliant on renewable energy.

Save Money

Save $200/year - or more on your electricity bill with no changes to your lifestyle.

Save lives

If all households in the US saved at least 15%:

  • 6 lives would be saved per day.
  • There would be 30,000 fewer asthma episodes.
  • A $20B savings in health harm costs.

Combat Climate Change

Using less electricity makes it easier for renewable energy sources to meet our electricity needs.

FitHome App

Lets you know how much electricity you are using and how much electricity you are saving. Know how much money you are saving. Know how much impact your savings are having on cleaning up our air.

FitHome App
  • For iOS and Android.
  • Track your electricity use.
  • Find out your environmental impact.
  • See how much money you are saving.
  • Guided tasks makes using less electricity easy.
  • Beautiful and inspiring background imagery.
  • Discover currated articles on saving electricity.

FitHome Monitor

The monitor reads the amount of electricity your devices are using and sends this info to your phone.

FitHome Monitor
  • Attached to your electricity lines by an electrician.
  • Reads the amount of electricity being used.
  • Sends electricity consumption info to your phone.

The 15% One Month Challenge

  • Takes one month for a donation of TBD.
  • Electrician installs and uninstalls the monitor.
  • App shows you:
    • How much electricity your are using.
    • The simplest and most effective activities to lower your electricity use with no change to your lifestyle.
    • The impact your savings is having on your wallet and your environment.
  • The experience makes you mindful of the positive impact you can have.

Please let us inform you when FitHome is ready.