FitHome Hardware and Software

FitHome Hardware and Software

The FitHome hardware and software projects are all open source. It would be great if you want to help us improve!

Thanks to Those That Went Before

This project extends Tisham Dhar’s work on building energy monitors using an atm90e26. In particular, the DIN Rail energy monitor. Besides his open source projects, Tisham has been exceptionally helpful and supportive. Tisham continues to inspire me. THANK YOU.

Before I took Chris Gammell’s Contextual Electronics course, I had absolutely no experience with electronics or building PCBs. Chris is exceptional in so many ways. THANK YOU.

There is an exceptional community behind the OpenEnergyMonitor project. They not only provide energy monitoring solutions, but are a wealth of knowledge. THANK YOU. In particular, thanks to the kindly delivered advice and help from Robert Wall. THANK YOU, THANK YOU.

FitHome Hardware

The FitHome Hardware consists of:

FitHome Software

The FitHome software is a Flutter app that builds a version for iOS and Android (GitHub location)